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Passionate, dedicated, and driven. These are just some of the many traits Rochelle Ryberg personifies as a real estate agent. Primarily serving northeastern Los Angeles and the surrounding area, Rochelle has a deep-seated passion for matching clients to their dream homes as they carve out their own slice of the L.A. dream. 
Born and raised in Weaverville, California, Rochelle currently lives in Silverlake with her husband and their two children. Her real estate journey began in 2017 when she bought her first home in Southern California. She was so enamored with the process, she instantly fell in love with real estate and knew she would pursue it as her career. She took the leap and transitioned into a full-time real estate career in 2021, where she has worked tirelessly to provide her clients with exemplary customer service. 
Prior to becoming a real estate agent, Rochelle worked in corporate sales and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics. With her passion for helping others, her unique skill set, and her extensive hospitality background, Rochelle knew real estate was the perfect career path for her.  
As an agent, one of the most important aspects of the industry is building and maintaining trusting relationships with buyers and sellers. As someone who has been on both sides of the transaction, Rochelle offers her unique perspective by being approachable and reachable to her clients. By using a client-centric approach, Rochelle manages to strike a delicate balance between being assertive without being overly aggressive. And with this approach, Rochelle helps her clients secure their dream homes. She also uses a similar, individualized plan when working with her sellers, helping them secure top-dollar for their listings. 
As an area transplant herself, Rochelle knows first-hand the excitement and romanticism that comes from moving to Los Angeles. People come from all over the world to pursue their dreams, and for Rochelle, helping transplants find their dream home in their ideal community is a dream come true. And for sellers, she loves helping them transition to the next exciting stage of their lives. While she works with all buyers and sellers, Rochelle’s primary areas are in Los Angeles, Silverlake, Echo Park, Los Feliz, and Northeast Los Angeles (NELA).  
When she isn’t matching clients with their dream homes, you can find Rochelle spending quality time with her growing family, running, hiking, and enjoying everything life in Southern California has to offer.

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