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A Los Angeles native with over two decades of experience, Eileen Moreno is one of the top realtors in all of Southern California—and for good reason. Her combination of area knowledge and business prowess, coupled with her empathetic and personable nature makes her an unparalleled resource for those looking to buy or sell property.

Eileen got her start in real estate after marrying her husband (and now business partner) George. A few years after they wed, Eileen took the plunge and got her license  with his encouragement, and immediately took to it like water. The valuable people skills and negotiation strategies that she developed from her time in customer service and sales, proved invaluable as she quickly established herself as a talented partner.

Her ambition, commitment, and intelligence strengthened the team, making her a rising star in the industry and elevated the company to the next level. She played an integral role in developing a large real estate franchise (which has since been sold) and helping the Moreno Team become leaders in their field.

Clients appreciate Eileen’s realistic yet caring approach—she knows real estate is often one of the largest financial assets a person can have, and the responsibility to get her clients the best deal possible is not something she takes lightly. With many clients who lack the energy or resources to fix their homes up, Eileen takes great pride in helping them transform their home and turning their biggest investment into an even bigger one. In addition, Eileen is dedicated to remaining honest and professional throughout every encounter, never compromising her integrity or ethics.

Another aspect Eileen’s clients consistently note is her transparency. She knows that relationships are at the core of the business, which is why she makes it a point to give her clients the best service possible. She is proactive and communicative, consistently making sure issues or concerns are highlighted from the get go, ultimately guiding buyers towards purchasing not just any home, but the right home. 

If you want to work with someone who has a razor-sharp mind, will give 100% in everything they do, and can think on their feet, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better agent than Eileen. From beginning to end, Eileen can help you navigate buying or selling a home in Silver Lake and the surrounding areas.

Family is very important to Eileen and a large part of how she approaches her clients. Regardless of who she works with, she strives to make them feel like they are part of the family. When Eileen isn’t working, you can find her spending time with her husband, two incredible children, and her dog, Lily. Favorite activities include gardening, hiking, fishing, mahjong, and the movies. She’s also passionate about giving back to the community and feeds the homeless whenever she has a chance. 

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